Geekly Update Episode 83:10.02.16

charactersJason RameyMichael Beard, Bella, Will & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short):  The DC Universe Character Draft.  You can look at the rules we were playing from, and play along at home, using the document here:

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Topics Include (long):

Geekly Update Episode 82:09.25.16

falltvcoverJason RameyMichael Beard, & David DuncanAustin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short):  Fall TV Line-Up

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Topics Include (long):

Geekly Update Episode 81:09.18.16

apocalypse-now-1Jason RameyMichael Beard, & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short):  Apocalypse Now, Heart Of Darkness

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Topics Include (long):

Geekly Update Episode 80:09.11.16

14344850_10210566289130288_2739053419417569402_nDavid DuncanPatty Stout Gammons & James Malkin discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short):

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14322195_10154517734701804_686502219647123045_nTopics Include (long):

Geekly Update Episode 79:09.04.16

14192126_10155157482353272_6161216255501209055_nJason RameyMichael BeardBrian HartKaren Holman discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short):  Kevin Smith and Yoga Hosers.

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Topics Include (long):

Geekly Update Episode 78:08.28.16

JamesMalkinDavidDuncanPokemonReportDavid Duncan & Michael Beard discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short):  This week we include a pre-recorded clip of Duncan and James Malkin discussing Pokemon Go on another show, complete with sub-clip of a field interview with actual players encountered at Riverfront Park. It’s an inception-style Pokemon Go special on this week’s Geekly Update!

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Topics Include (long):

Geekly Update Episode 77:08.21.16

14089136_10210356223078768_4483465367098533731_nJason RameyDavid DuncanKaren HolmanBrian HartMichael Beard & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Our “Media Club” convenes to talk about the ABC Television Program from the ’80’s, Max Headroom, following by Part I of our discussion of Sleep Hygiene, and many other relations conversations along the maxway.

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Topics Include (long):geekly

Geekly Update Episode 76:08.14.16

rogue-one-a-star-wars-story-teaser-trailer-debuts-tomorrow-922390David DuncanKaren Holman, Michael Beard & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): The Rogue One Trailer that just got released, some of the many ways you can use the Amazon’s Voice Service “Alexa,” a short Birthday tribute to Steve Martin, and many other tangents and digressions along the way.

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Topics Include (long):

Geekly Update Episode 75:08.07.16

13939549_10210232856194673_2799192284394103969_nDavid DuncanKaren Holman, Brian Hart, Kyle Ward, Jason RameyMichael Beard & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Two of the teams competing in the KCRW 24 Hour Radio Radio come in to play their segment entries, then we open up a panel discussion regarding the just-released Suicide Squad film, and a longer conversation about morality in Super Hero Films as a whole.

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Topics Include (long):

Geekly Update Episode 74:07.31.16

geek2David Duncan, Morty, Austin Rich & guest Steve Koc discuss the week in geek.

IMG_9946Topics Include (short):  We discuss Steve’s webseries, Gnomies World (also available here), the breakout show Stranger Things on Netflix, Duncan’s experience in an Escape Room in Seattle, and IMG_9949plenty of tangents along the way.

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Topics Include (long): 



Geekly Update Episode 73:07.24.16

IMG_9828Jason RameyMichael Beard Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short):  This week, we discuss the release of Star Trek (and our particular fandoms related to it), some of the trailers that dropped during Comicon this weekend, and our particular frustrations with recent problems in geek culture with trolls and other horrible people.  Plus final update, and plenty of tangents along the way.

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Topics Include (long): 


Geekly Update Episode 72:07.17.16

IMG_9270Michael Beard Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

UntitledTopics Include (short):  Cartoons and animation are the subject this week.  Austin brings a historic approach to OG animators that were influential, and then Michael & Austin discuss other animators that they know and love.

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Topics Include (long): 


Geekly Update Episode 71:07.10.16

IMG_9200Jason RameyKaren Holman, Guest Kyle WardBrian Hart Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

IMG_9208Topics Include (short):  Kyle Ward from “Geeks Who Drink” comes in to talk about the weekly IMG_9205Pub Quiz they hold at Shotskis Pizza every Tuesday, and then plays a little trivia with us live on the radio!  Then we discuss our Book Club Selection this month, “40 Watts From Nowhere,” a book which prompted Karen originally toIMG_9199 get the ball rolling for KMUZ.  We talk about how Karen was inspired, and other elements of the book.  All that, and more, this week on Geekly-Update!

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IMG_9210Topics Include (long): 


Geekly Update Episode 70:07.03.16

Captain-America-008Jason RameyMichael BeardKaren Holman, Brian Hart, David DuncanAustin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short):  Karen gives us the rundown on how fireworks work, and then a lively discussion of Patriotic moments in geek finishes the show, to celebrate the 4th of July.  As this is a podcast, sound quality is variable depending on the guest.  This is an un-edited recording.  Short, too.

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Topics Include (long): 


Geekly Update Episode 69:06.26.16

IMG_9032 Jason RameyMichael BeardChris Hahn & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

IMG_9034Topics Include (short)
:  Justin calls in to talk about Val Lewton movies, Chris gives us an update on E3, and then we tear into Independence Day 2: More Independecer

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IMG_9031Topics Include (long): 


Geekly Update Episode 68:06.19.16

IMG_8996David Duncan, Max Marbles, Carolyn Parker & Her Parents, Jessica RameyJason Ramey & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

IMG_8995Topics Include (short):  Salem Type-In 2016, The Repair Faire, & plenty of tangents and side-topics along the way.

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Topics Include (long): 


Geekly Update Episode 67:06.12.16

IMG_8916Jason RameyMichael Beard, Michael, Karen Holman, Justin Hanlon (via the phone) & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Justin gives us The Con Report, Michael discusses local gaming and being a D&D, and a number of digressions and conversations derail us along the way.  IMG_8871 IMG_8911 IMG_8914 IMG_8910 IMG_8908

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Topics Include (long): 

Geekly Update Episode 66:06.05.16

13344540_10209694192368414_436792299944414948_nDavid Duncan, Michael Beard, Carolyn Parker & Amelia Airheart Monkey discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short):

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Topics Include (long): 

Geekly Update Episode 65:05.29.16

IMG_7696Karen HolmanDavid DuncanBrian HartChris HahnJason Ramey & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Our book club discussion, “This Is Your Brain On Music,” and a discussion of the new X-Men movie, and our own mutant powers.

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Topics Include (long): 

IMG_7690 IMG_7689 IMG_7695 IMG_7687 IMG_7691 IMG_7692

Geekly Update Episode 64:05.22.16

IMG_7628David DuncanMichael BeardArlan Robinson & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): A Short History of Handheld & Mobile Gaming, Marvel’s Civil War, & This is Arlen’s last show in-studio.

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Topics Include (long): 

Geekly Update Episode 63:05.15.16

88-8815-UBXO300ZJason Ramey, Bella Ramey, Will Ramey, Brian Hart, Michael Beard, & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): KMUZ’s Spring Pledge Drive, and our panel plays a Marvel Character’s Draft Game for two hours, building five new teams that will each take Marvel Comics by storm.  (And, as a spoiler: one of the teams does contain Storm.)

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Topics Include (long): 

Geekly-Update’s “Marvel Characters Pledge Drive Draft”


KMUZ is the home to incredible, home-grown programming, and Geekly-Update is no exception.  We try to put on an extra special show every Pledge Drive, and this one is no exception.  We’ve got a great show for you this year, and it is the perfect excuse to make a pledge to KMUZ, and help keep our program (and others) on the air.  For this year’s Two-Hour Program, you can play along at home while you listen.  Here’s how!

Member’s of our illustrious Geekly-Update team are preparing their draft selections from the document provided to them in advance.  The goal is to draft a five member team, explain why you drafted the characters you picked, and provide strategic information about what role they play in your team.

As the draft continues, characters will be removed from game play, causing other players to rethink their draft strategy.

When the first round of drafts is finished, a round of trading will begin.

Team will be posted online afterward for listeners to peruse.  And, you can post your own draft selections as you play along at home on the Geekly-Update Discussion Page on Facebook.

And: Good Luck!

Geekly Update Episode 62:05.08.16

bkrnd_comp2Michael Beard & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Maintaining Good Backups & our first installment of the Geekly-Music Playlist.

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Topics Include (long): 

Geekly Update Episode 61:05.01.16

13151950_10209422485095902_902863804357529484_nJason RameyMichael BeardDavid Duncan, Karen HolmanBrian Hart & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Cherry City Comicon, our Hellboy: Seed of Destruction discussion, and a lead into more hashing out of the upcoming Civil War film, and we take a call from Kevin, who has ALREADY SEEN IT SOMEHOW.

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13087323_10209423039989774_4127743165204109949_nTopics Include (long): 

Geekly Update Episode 60:04.24.16

IMG_7185David Duncan, Austin Rich & Morty discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Upgrading phones, Gravity Falls and The People Who Died.

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Topics Include

Geekly Update Episode 59:04.17.16

13015526_10154746530438272_7518662555291696413_nJason RameyBrian Hart & Karen Holman discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Making the perfect cup of coffee.

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13051666_927057442566_5771369104608236056_nTopics 13043699_927057477496_5949920074179290339_nInclude 13010907_927057482486_7407655150670655409_n(long): 

12987145_927057522406_2077268784452829995_nSome links from today’s show:
Here’s the video that you heard the audio from today
Here’s a link of an Aeropress in action. We watched this one along with the ones from He uses the same grinder that I have.

Geekly Update Episode 58:04.10.16

star-wars-rogue-oneDavid DuncanMichael Beard & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Rogue One Teaser Trailer, Storing & Indexing your vinyl, and Netflix $2.00 price hike for their long-time customers.

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Topics Include (long): 

The Star Wars: 13001272_1568489333480194_4779974643985811376_nRogue One Teaser Trailer was released, and we decide to tear it apart in detail.  Austin gives a shoutout to Justin Hanlon on the “War Movie” angle that they seem to be pushing in this teaser.  We all agree that this is where we want this story to go, and there’s some excellent stuff in this trailer.  We urge the writers to not set up any sequels, and to just keep them stand alone.  Austin begs the Phantom Editor to contact him, and mentions the photo Hamill-Staring-IntentlyHamill posted to social media recently of him and Daisey at Pinewood Studios, and his recent sense of humor on social media (including his appearance at the end of the official teaser trailer, not saying anything).  Austin also recommends that you should Google Hidden R2-D2s, and that the Batman: Assault on Arkham animated film that featured the Suicide Squad animated film might have a clue a to what the real purpose of the final images in the teaser trailer.  We also discus women in Star Wars who are awesome, how there’s room in the expanded universe for other kinds of stories, TROOPS, our pitch for the Han & Chewie vehicle How I Found My Falcon, what is and is not a part of the Star Wars Extended Universe.

Don’t forget to join the discussion on our Geekly-Update Discussion Group.

Austin offers some tips and ideas on how to up your Vinyl Collecting Game, with a more or less free-form discussion on the subject with the entire group.

Tips include20141005_154544

01.) Replace your needle often
02.) Kallax at IKEA is idea for LP storage
03.) Buy a Brush & Use it.
04.) Invest in a good needle, and it will last you longer.  But for cheap needles: replace once a year
05.) Let your Organizational System evolve
06.) Make your own dividers with old LPs, duct tape and homemade labels (seen in photo)
07.) Odd sizes should get their own section
08.) Personalize the collection
09.) 12IMG_20141108_055344 Pack Beer Boxes work temporarily for storying your 45s or 7″s.  45 Storage is hard; please let me know what you use.
10.) Comic Book backing boards (seen in the photo) work great for 7″ dividers
11.) Listen to your records.
12.) Store your stuff in a good place, and be careful with sun and high / low temperatures, which can cause damage.
13.) Michael suggests keeping natural light out of the room, and only use controllable overhead lights when you’re in there.
14.) Don’t use your media as coasters.  Put your stuff away if you want to avoid scratches.

The group gets into a brief discussion of borrowing.  David mentions a service for reminding lenders and borrowers when it is time to return something, and if you type “remember to give that back” into Google, it will give you the option of setting a reminder in Google Now (if you use that service).  You can also set phone reminders to send e-mail.  In the end, music should be heard, and to quote David, “What is the human value of being a normal person?”

The Weather Computer

Netflix is raising their price by $2 for long time users, and they did a bad job of telling everyone.  The size of their library is changing, and more home grown content is appearing on their streaming services.  Discs are disappearing and are not being replaced, and Austin offers to loan out his treasured Max Headroom DVD set to the panel, as they’re nervous Netflix just won’t be able to send it via disc.  With other streaming services being so competitive on the market, this could change what services you stick with.  If you want to keep that price, there’s an SD version of the service that allows only one device to use it at a time.  When it comes to entertainment budget concerns, I want my two dollars.

And just what is coming to Netflix this month?:

Best In Show
Princess Bride (David wants to make a special edition with a goth kid updating Fred Savage’s character)
Sunset Blvd
Look Who’s Back
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season Two
Shawshank Redemption
V for vendetta
Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday

And, returning once again to the subject of Batman v Superman, David has come around to liking it, and the gang continues some more discussion about it.  Clearly, people are divided, and that’s just fine.

Final Update:


Justice League: War
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Justice League: Unlimited
Shawshank Redemption
The Princess Bride


Hellboy Vol. 1 is our Book Club Selection, to be discussed May 1st
The Superego podcast is coming to an end, so catch up now.
and, They Might Be Giants are taking a break for the foreseeable future as they finish these shows for 2016, an with that in mind, Austin has been revisiting their  album John Henry.  A Geeky Music Show is in the mail.


Animaniacs is back.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens on bluray (and is still at the discount theater)

Geekly Update Episode 57:04.03.16

imagesJason RameyBrian Hart & Austin Rich (via the phone from his Island Lair) discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Hardcore Henry (here’s the trailer) & Pandemic (here’s the trailer), an overview of Interactive Fiction and Video Game influence on books and film, and a follow-up on Batman vs. Superman.

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Topics Include (long): 

Up front we talk about POV Media, with the release of Hardcore Henry.  (Brian: Here’s a cool article on how they shot Hardcore Henry.)  Films like this are jumpy, and a test kitchen for VR films, with a dogma approach.  Pandemic, a worse reviewed film, is yet another attempt to reach the gamer dollar, but as to if you could use POV film in a drama, or if it works better on the big screen or at home remains to be seen.

12923286_924110508246_6411548571911757052_nPOV Media segues into Virtual Reality, a subject that is huge in the film world.  TedXSalem will be discussing it this year, and VR was big at Sundance this year.  The future of VR is probably in travel & education, but we’re still a long ways away.  Brian tracked down a couple of links on the future of VR: Wall Street Journal “Virtual-Reality Movies: Get Ready for the VR Revolution”; CNN “How virtual reality could change moviegoing.”  (Listener Karen: “Re: VR, an article about the future of VR in the field of chemistry just came out in this week’s edition of the major chemistry news journal. Geekly Update is, as usual, on it!!”  To the right is the article in question.  Karen, Again: “Re: VR, again! This time how it could be used in Buddhist meditation.“)

Next up, Austin offers an overview of the history of Interactive Fiction to tie in with POV film.  This is more of a quick overview, but here are some related links for this section of this show: Epistolary Novels, Jorge Luis Borges 1941 (An Examination of the Works of Herbert Quain, Garden of Forking Paths), B.F. Skinner, Oulipo Literary Group, Role Playing Games, Gamebooks, Choose Your Own Adventure, The Official Choose Your Own Adventure WebsiteInteractive Fiction (Zork), Get Lamp DocumentarySierra Entertainment, Sega’s Light Gun in 1975First Person Shooter (Doom & Quake).

Jason discusses his experiences with Mindshadow, and reveals that he first read Choose Your Own Adventure Novels straight through, and was very confused.

Austin suggests that movies like Kingsmen & Guardians of The Galaxy are showing the influence of the video games on film.

Jason asks everyone what story they would like to see in VR:

Austin: The Neverending Story

Brian: Star Wars

Jason: Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

Please join the discussion of VR and film on our Facebook Page.

The Weather Computer gives up a quick update at the bottom of the hour.

The second half of the program offers Part Two of our discussion of Batman v Superman.

Brian liked the film and saw it twice, and the film does have one of the highest multiple viewings rate, and made a ton of money.  (Brian: Here’s the article that talks more about how Batman v Superman is getting a lot more second viewings than most blockbusters.)  Jason liked the Superman story, but had problems with Batman.  Part of the problem stems from Batman being conservative at his heart.  In spite of the shortcomings, Austin liked the film, too.

Wonder Woman was clearly the best part of the film, and all three agreed that we don’t want them to ruin Wonder Woman, or Aquaman.  Brian suggests we take a look at Jason Momoa’s Game of Thrones audition tape.   Jason is still mad about Batman, and Austin implores that the Phantom Editor make a shorter version of BvS, to make the film even better.

Let us know what you thought of the film on our Facebook Page.

Final Updates:

Brian is watching Daredevil Season 2, and is prepping TedxSalem (on the subject of Revolutions), and is looking for other speakers.

Austin just got a new iPhone SE, and is preparing some words on the subject of getting a new phone.  He also recommends Sound Opinions w/ Greg Kot & Jim DeRogotis on the podcast front, and the Sugarshock! comic book by Joss Whedon.

Jason is looking foward to The Walking Dead Season Finale, and Fear The Walking Dead coming soon.  Also: our April Bookclub Selection is Hellboy Vol. 1, which will be discussed on our May 1st program.  The Book Bin is having an event on April 15th at 7 PM with Matt Ruff, who has a new book out, Lovecraft Country, and to go with it, Jason also recommends The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle.  Lastly, Jason was on a recent episode of Cherry City Punch on CCTV, where he talked about Geekly Update.

Coming up: Cherry City Comicon, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, new photos of Dr. Strange in production, The Killing Joke animated preview, Mark Hamill on Instagram.

April Book Club Selection: “Hellboy: Seed of Destruction”

seed_of_destruction3Having finished our book club selection for March, Austin has been given the sacred task of the next book club selection, Hellboy: Seed of Destrution.  While the conversation will most certainly span more than just this book, for book club participants, we’ll only talk spoilers for this collection.

Seed of Destruction is partially the story of where Hellboy came from, and partially the story of the organization he is a part of squaring off with an evil that they’ve never seen before.  Some of this book is the inspiration for the first Hellboy movie, and is a very exciting story that moves quickly.

If you are a Comixology user, it is available as individual issues, as well as collected in a trade version.  (There’s another non-Hellboy story in the individual issues.)  Dark Horse Comics also offers a variety of versions of the book, too.

For those of you who are not familiar with Hellboy, the series is “winding down” after 20 years.  The creator and author – Mike Mignola – knows the series is ending this year.  This isn’t to say that there will not be anymore Hellboy EVER, but for the time being, he is wrapping it up.  This means that now is the perfect time to become a fan, as the entire series is going to be in print this year.

Vol. 1 is where it all started, so we’ll be talking about this and the series as a whole on May 1st.  In the meantime, please read this book.  It is great, and you will love it.

Geekly Update Episode 56:03.27.16

MV5BNTE5NzU3MTYzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTM5NjQxODE@._V1_SX640_SY720_David DuncanJason RameyMichael BeardChris Hahn & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Batman v. Superman review (with spoilers) & the Black City Saint review.

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Topics Include (long): 

The bulk of the show is dedicated to Batman v Superman, with Spoilers.  (Keep reading at your own risk.)  On the whole, the panel did not like the film.  Unanimously, we loved Wonder Woman, but the character motivations are muddled, lost or confused.  There were too many plot threads, not much humor, and spent more time seeding future storylines that keeping an emotional thread.  Doomsday was too soon, and being so dark sort of takes some of the fun out of it.  The film is poorly edited, poor visual design, and with unused actors, but in spite of the shortcomings, there were some good elements.  There was a good mini Batman film inside this movie, and there was some cool future story seeding.  The backend of the film picks up.  As we segue into the second half of the show, we briefly discuss Zach’s resume.

The Substitute Weather Computer

On the heels of more nerd love for Wonder Woman, we discuss the Justice League: WarFlashpoint DC direct animated films briefly, then return to BvS.  MovieBOB trashed it, and we go into more nit picks about the film.  David caught the 3D version, which looked foreshortened and strange for him.  We get a little overcritical about Darkseid’s Parademons & Flash’s appearance, but largely agree that it isn’t that bad, and is re-watchable if you lower your expectations (or had lower expectations anyway)

To close the show, we discuss the March book club selection, Black City Saint.  (Spoilers ahead.  Read at your own risk.)  A noir urban magician story that is hard to get into, and very repetitive.  Again, there were a couple of nice things: Cortez was cool character, and the book contained some neat concepts.  But compared to The Dresden Files, Black City Saint has a poor setting, unclear character motivations, and could have been set in a fantasy world.  You can almost read the <research> tag</research> around 1920s references.  David recommends that you watch Cast A Deadly Spell and Witch Hunt if you are into these kinds of stories.  Austin recommends picking up a Lovecraft book collection, and The Maltese Falcon & The Big Sleep.  In the end, Black City Saint does not pass The Bechdel Test, contains anachronisms with phones & turns of phrase, and is not exactly recommended by the panel.

Send in your book club recommendations.  Our April selection is Hellboy vol 1.

And now, some Things leaving Netflix: M*A*S*H, The Butcher’s Wife, Craigslist Joe, Eureka, Hotel Rowanda, Starship Troopers, & Lord of War

Final Updates:

Austin: The five free digital comics that came free with his BvS movie ticket, containing comics that “set up” the story in the film.

Michael: Captain America: Civil War

Chris: Fringe Season Three, Arrow Season One, and tonight is the Supergirl / Flash crossover episode.

Jason: Watching The Flash, Documentary Now!, Gray Gardens

David: Craigslist Joe

Next week: First person films.

Geekly Update Episode 55:03.20.16

IMG_4791Jason RameyBrian Hart, Michael Beard & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

IMG_4794Topics Include (short): The Return of Pee Wee Herman, Batman vs. Superman Coming Soon, and many wonderful tangents along the way.

IMG_4792Join the discussion on our Facebook page, Facebook Group, or Twitter

IMG_4795Topics Include (long): 

We start off the show with a discussion of Pee Wee’s Big Holiday: reminiscing about how we got into Pee Wee, Big Adventure, The Playhouse TV Show, The Christmas Special, Beauty Is Embarrassing documentary, Gong Show clips, Pee Wee’s Playhouse on HBO, Pee Wee being out of time and out of place, The HD versions of The Playhouse, and how Paul Rubens recent interviews on Nerdist & Bullseye.

Daredevil Season 2 is out now, let’s meet the punisher, born out of men’s adventure novels and Dirty Harry style cinema, a new trailer for Luke Cage and how to watch it without seeing any of Daredevil, and more random Marvel Talk.

The Weather Computer

We also talk about Midnight Special, a few other new movies, Batman v Superman, and we plug Music & Movies w/ Weird Michael Beard – who is doing music from Batman & Superman movies on his next show.  Brian recommends we look at all the trailers and released footage of BvS on a timeline, and how this new film with tie in with The Death of Superman storyline from the comics, and the Man of Steel film.

Final Updates:

Getting On w/ James Urbaniack
Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

Movie Fights on YouTube
Fatman on Batman

Brian Hart:
The Dark Knight Returns
Perfected The Cup of Coffee w/ Karen Holman

Root beer has been ruined for Jason
Saw Deadpool

Black City Saint is our bookclub selection of March.

Join Geekly Update Goodreads group

The Dark Knight Returns is a suggestion for BvS enthusiasts.

Geekly Update Episode 54:03.13.16

IMG_4661David Duncan , Michael Beard, Austin Rich & his very own Morty (seen at the right) discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Rick & Morty & The End of Mythbusters.

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Topics Include (long): 

Here’s a few reasons to use the HBO Go App: Tron, Cloak & Dagger, Game of Thrones, & Vinyl.  Then we talk about other services: Bosch on Amazon, Daredevil Season 2 coming soon.

Rick & Morty Season 3 coming soon: A show for Ricks, and Mortys.  Rick Conspiracies, Nerdist Writer’s Panel podcast interview with the Rick & Morty writers, retroscripting.

Mythbusters Wraps Up.  The scientific method in action.  Chris Hadfield singing Space Oddity, Adam is the outgoing one, but He & Jamie were not friends, The Finale was good: Goodbye to Buster, a reunion with old cast members, etc.  Will be in re-runs forever on The Science Channel.

Where To Invade Next? playing at Salem Cinema & Darkside Cinema in Corvallis.

Black City Saint is our March Reading Group selection.

Geekly Reader Book Club: Black City Saint

black cityWe are starting a new segment on the show: Geekly Reader Book Club. Each month Geekly Update will choose a book to read together and discuss on air. This month we’ve chosen Black City Saint by Richard A. Knaack.

“For more than sixteen hundred years, Nick Medea has followed and guarded the Gate that keeps the mortal realm and that of Feirie separate, seeking in vain absolution for the fatal errors he made when he slew the dragon. All that while, he has tried and failed to keep the woman he loves from dying over and over.

Yet in the fifty years since the Night the Dragon Breathed over the city of Chicago, the Gate has not only remained fixed, but open to the trespasses of the Wyld, the darkest of the Feiriefolk. Not only does that mean an evil resurrected from Nick’s own past, but the reincarnation of his lost Cleolinda, a reincarnation destined once more to die.

Nick must turn inward to that which he distrusts the most: the Dragon, the beast he slew when he was still only Saint George. He must turn to the monster residing in him, now a part of him…but ever seeking escape.

The gang war brewing between Prohibition bootleggers may be the least of his concerns. If Nick cannot prevent an old evil from opening the way between realms…then not only might Chicago face a fate worse than the Great Fire, but so will the rest of the mortal realm.” – Amazon

So tune in on March 27 at 2 PM for our discussion of the book. And you can join the discussion on Facebook and join our Goodreads group. Let us know if you have a suggestion for next month’s book.

Geekly Update Episode 53:03.06.16

12524113_10154589011643272_840422172745185798_nJason Ramey & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Zootopia & other movies that are coming or are here, tips on traveling and using technology to make things easier, and we allow several tangents along the way time to develop and expand.

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Topics Include (long): is updated, and the podcast feed is current.  Thanks Jason & Austin.  Non-breaking spaces are a problem.  Check out the blog posts: one on tagging your metadata, and one on a Saturday Morning cartoon that Jason loves.  Geekly-Update is now multi-media.

Movies: Zootopia (and, go read Animal Farm, it’s great), Austin & Jason talk about what animal they would like to be, Knight of Cups (“Experimental Film” by Homestarrunner & They Might Be Giants), 10 Cloverfield Lane, Ghostbusters

The Weather Computer

Austin’s Tips For Using Maps & Technology

1.) Planning is So Easy
2.) Share your itinerary with your fellow travelers.
3.) Looking at The Map Online allows you to save the map offline
4.) Follow the directions the phone gives you, but use common sense
5.) Use the “explore around you” feature
6.) After your trip, your phones map history is a record of your adventure
7.) Talk to your phone.  It talks to you.

Get comfortable with being lost for a few minutes.  It won’t hurt you, unless you have kids.

Share your tips on the Geekly Update Discussion Page.

Geekly Reader for March: Black City Saint.  The show on March 27th will be when we discuss it.

Arcwright by Allen Steel is on Jason’s reading list, and Minecraft had a big combat update.

919_10208932536940770_3264061610610369483_nDeadpool causes havok at Tony’s grand re-opening.  When someone cosplaying as Deadpool made neighbors nervous, when the police showed up, they laughed, and got photos with the other cosplayers.  Welcome to your new location, Tony.

Final Updates:


The Children of Tendu podcast

Love & Rockets


Journey to the center of the Earth

Dead of Winter

Tagging Your Metadata, And You

metadata-blueprintTo tie in with our recent discussion on meta-data on Geekly-Update Episode 53:02.28.16, I felt that it was a good idea to discuss ways that you can tag your data easily.  One of the biggest hurdles to editing metadata can be the ease of use, and if there are challenges to making these edits, then most users will avoid the job.  However, there are tools that can make this process easy.  Here are a few of the tools that are available that can handle the job for you.

20150630itunes_12_2_icon1.) iTunes.  I hate to talk about one brand more than any other, but if you want to reap the benefits of your Apple TV, or a very powerful media management tool in general, then iTunes is probably the one to start with.  You can purchase new media legally at your leisure, and you can import all of your old media (or newly-acquired media) to complement your purchased media without any DRM or playback issues.  The user agreement is fairly reasonable considering some of the alternatives, and you can manage huge swaths of your music collection easily.  Any work you do in iTunes is saved to the source file, and is useful in other players, too.  iTunes is not only fairly ubiquitous, but can scale down or up to the degree you are comfortable with.  You can use the basic data fields for artist, track, and album, or go in detail with “sort-by name” and other minutia.  iTunes has a million drawbacks, not the least of which is that it can be confusing unless you spend a lot of time in there, and they change the interface fairly often.  But it is probably on the machine you are already using, and is free almost always.

MusicBrainz_Picard2.) Picard.  Musicbrainz is a database of music metadata and information that is often updated and remains very hip among the l33t.  Picard is the Musicbrainz UI for implementing changes to your media collection.  There are free versions for all three OSs (Windows, Mac & Linux), and has only one real drawback: it is only meant for music, but can tag video files, too (just not well).  Since it is free and involves some open source plugins to allow some of the more complicated functionality to work, it can be a little clunky and not ideal for every collection.  But it is written in Python, and if that is your jam, then this is for you.

jaikoz-20.jpg3.) Jaikoz.  Here’s what you want to know up front: there is a free trial version, but you need pay pretty quickly if you want the full use of this software.  It uses three other services as part of the database / backend for the product: MusicBrainz, Discogs & Acoustid to get a more accurate or complete data about your files.  As many others have said before: if iTunes isn’t good enough, and you can’t get done what you want during your free trial, then paying for this software will be worth it to you.  This runs on most OSs (Windows, Mac & Linux), and seems to be maintained often with new updates and versions.  If you have to buy an app for music management, this is probably the one to buy.

4.) Other Media Players.  Depending on your OS and the way you listen to music or watch videos, there will be some software that will work fine for some of the basic needs that you might have to deal with.  Window’s Media Player is total crap, but has improved tremendously over the years, and is not as bad as it once was (but that is not saying much).  Quicktime has gotten quite good these days too, and Winamp is still out there, if that’s the way you like to roll.  I’m less familiar with Linux-only apps, but I imagine that if you wanted to go down that rabbithole, you are probably already aware of the power-players in that arena.  (Can you clue me in?)  If you can choose, I still recommend iTunes, if for no other reason than it can at least help you freely organize and label your files, and still allows you to put them on your device of choice, or copy them to the place where you actually will listen from.  When it comes to editing metadata, you are looking for something that works for you, not to create an unnecessary workflow that complicates things.

5.) Other Third Party Apps.  A few Lycos searches will quickly reveal a host of other apps that you can use, all of which are of a variety of qualities and costs.  I’ve mentioned the ones I know the best, and if your needs are not handled by the above four suggestions, you are probably experiencing a unique collection of problems that are a confluence of personal software choices, personal OS conflicts, or a very unique other problem.  Good luck!  I’m sure you can find something that fits your needs, and I hope it doesn’t take too long.  If you have some recommendations as to what kind of stuff you can use in your particular circumstance, please share it.

Editing and maintaining your media and the metadata associated with it is fairly boring, an there is no glamorous ways to go about it.  But with these kinds of tools, hopefully you can make the process of keeping it maintained easy.  And, once you finish the first stage of getting the bulk of your media tagged, keeping good tags in the future becomes easier to manage, too.  By taking the time to go through this process, you are able to take advantage of the many benefits that well tagged media can offer.

Geekly Update Episode 52:02.28.16

static1.squarespaceDavid Duncan & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): David attends two cons, Austin talks about the virtues of good meta-data, and David discusses shows leaving and arriving on Netflix in March.

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Topics Include (long):

Austin Engineers the show for the first time, with some hilarious results.

On Saturday David participated in a panel discussion at with Casey Ocupe (of the NW Comics Show) on indie media with the folks from The Grim Tidings podcast (all things grimdark) and The Anibros podcast.  We talk about the virtues of Soundcloud, Blubrry and podbean, and David talks about CCTV, and how cable access works.

The week before, David also went to Wizard World, where he saw a talk by William Shatner.  We discuss the “Get A Life,” clip and documentary, Shatner’s Raw Nerve, Leonard Nimoy and missing him, as well as Fringe.  David also saw John Barrowman & Matt Smith.  Austin recommends Shatner’s Has Been album, David seconds that, and Austin suggests tracking down John Barrowman’s interviews on Nerdist.  We also decide the name of this episode is Hitler’s Microphone.

Austin then discusses The Benefits of Good Meta-Data.  Music & Movies need proper labels.  Here’s some thoughts on the subject:

1.) Find a service to help you track down the data that you trust.
2.) Tag the files by hand; most media players on desktops allow you to edit meta-data by hand.
3.) Get picky about what you label, and what you find important.
4.) Genre is a good way to sort your data in larger senses; conventional genres don’t really do much, so create your own.
5.) Years are very valuable pieces of information
6.) Use smart playlists to interact with your media

Well tagged files and smart playlists make for a more immersive and interactive way to use your media, and prevents getting stuck hearing / seeing the same stuff.  Share your smart playlists with us, and tell us how you interact with you media.

We then hear a message from the weather computer, which has apparently by reading Nihilist Memes online.

The website and the podcast feed are current, with new blog posts, too.  We’re excited, and we how you like it to:

We also talk about things coming & going from Netflix in March:


Hearts of War
Masters of The Universe
Men In Black II
Monster Squad
Private Romeo
Ted Talks Season


Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Groundhog Day
He Never Died
Daredevil Season 2
Trailer Park Boys Season 10
Johnny English
Star Trek V
Sin City
Better Call Saul

Final Updates:
The Relay FM Podcast Network, and The Reconcilable Differences show w/ Merlin Mann & John Siracusa

In honor of MiyakoCon, David has been watching Anime:
Seven Deadly Sins

Geekly Morning Cartoons: Mummies Alive!

Get up early on Saturday morning with Geekly Update as we revisit Saturday Morning Cartoons.

mummies_alive__by_scaggs32-d4m97saGods of Egypt may be in theaters this weekend, but in 1997, Saturday mornings brought children Mummies Alive!

“In ancient Egypt, an evil sorcerer named Scarab kills the pharaoh’s son, Prince Rapses, to become immortal.Entombed alive for his crime (Rapses’ body was also never found), Scarab revives in the modern world and begins his search for Rapses’ reincarnation, a San Francisco-dwelling boy named Presley Carnovan, to retrieve the spirit of Rapses so he can become immortal. Rapses’ (Presley’s) bodyguards, Ja-Kal, Rath, Armon, and Nefer-Tina, along with Rapses’ cat, Kahti, awake from the dead to protect him from Scarab. They use the power of Ra to transform into powerful guardians.

Each of the mummies is aligned with the power of an Egyptian god. Ja-Kal uses the spirit of falcon, Rath uses the spirit of snake, Armon uses the spirit of ram, and Nefer-Tina uses the spirit of cat. They are able to call upon it for magical armor and powers to fight superhuman evildoers. Although, once their strength is exhausted, they must rest in their sarcophagi to regain the ability. In order to access these powers, the mummies call out the phrase “With the Strength of Ra!”, which triggers their transformation. The mummies also have the power to make a horrifying face, usually used to scare away nosy bystanders.mumscar

In addition to Scarab, the mummies often had to contend with gods and
spirits from Egyptian myth summoned to the modern world, including Anubis, Set, Geb, Apep, Bast, Sekhmet, Bes, and many others, usually as part of one of Scarab’s schemes that went out of his control.” – Wikipedia

Enjoy episode one: “Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra”.

The Weekly Geekly Discussion Topic: Gods of Egypt

Gods_of_Egypt_posterGods of Egypt opens in theaters this Friday. An epic tale featuring ancient mythological beings. Days of old…when the gods would team up with mortals to defeat evil.

The Weekly Geekly Discussion Topic: Now you, a mere mortal, have to team up with an ancient mythological character or creature. Which one is it and why? Which one would you not want to be partnered with? Join the discussion on our FB discussion page.


Geekly Update Episode 51:02.21.16

sundance_film_festival_bannerJason RameyBrian Hart & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.IMG_4279

Topics Include (short): Brian Attends the Sundance IMG_4278Film Festival, Austin talks about vacation traveling and photograph management, and other geeky tidbits here IMG_4280and there.

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Topics Include (long):

The Sundance Film Festival

Brian Hart has been volunteering for The Sundance Film Festival for 13 years, and in that time has had a lot of fun, and seen a lot of movies.  The first half of the show is an interview with Brian, where he talks about being the Assistant Manager on The Midnight Shift at The Egyptian Theater, working the celebrity door for the directors and actors in the films.  He talks about the logistics of attending Sundance, and also gives a rundown of his favorite films from 2016.

The Weather Computer then offers the forecast and a word about her favorite film.

At the bottom of the hour we begin to discuss the new horror film, The Witch.  (“There’s evil in the wood.”)

bl3Jason accidentally reveals his nightmare fuel.

Austin discusses the way he manages Traveling & Photography with a few suggestions on how to approach it and get the most images for the trip:

1.) Clean Up Your Phone
2.) Sign Up For A Photo Service
3.) Shoot Everything, Weed Often
4.) Test Phone Limits. / Service Limits
5.) Fool Around : Burst Mode / Stories
6.) Easy To Share.

Final Updates

A few more Sundance movie picks.
The Book of Floating by Michael Hutchison
Arrow / The Flash

Cherry City Comic Con April 30th & May 1st
Revisiting The Goon by Eric Powell

Oscar Nominated Short Films
Walking Dead is back.
Fuller House trailer: Of dear.
Gods of Egypt looks good
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon remake looks good too.

Wrapping Up At The End:

Yoga Hosers, Kevin Smith’s sequel to Tusk

Geekly Update Episode 50:02.14.16

stand-up-clipart-13138817361138262728252528-business-man-standing-silhouette-in-black-and-whiteDavid DuncanMichael Beard and Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Working Standing UpThe upcoming Thor / Planet Hulk Rumors, the decision to allow Supergirl and The Flash to exist in the same universe (and what it means for comic book storytelling with two networks producing shows with the same characters), and a whole slew of geeky topics, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Topics (long): 

Working Standing Up

Austin discusses the benefits of working standing up, and his plans to build a standing desk.  Not only do you get more steps for your FitBit, but you also get to think on your feet, which is very beneficial for creative thought.  One solution is to put your coffee on the other side of the room, forcing you to get more steps.

Extended Comics Corner

We have a long (and free ranging) conversation about comics and whatnot: Rumors regarding the new Thor script, a rundown of the Planet Hulk comics and animated film, and we rejoice in Big Numbers for Deadpool.  

With the recent announcement of a Flash / Supergirl crossover, it looks like networks are in a new era of working together.  Suddenly, Geekly-Update becomes a Flash podcast.

We also discuss The Death of Superman Lives, have a brief tangent regarding the possible collapse of superhero comics, Michael puts his foot in his mouth, an The Walking Dead is back tonight.

Then, we get an interlude from The Weather Computer.

David then sells us on the reasons why we should be watching I, Zombie.

Science Corner

David discusses The LIGO Experiment, and the recent discovery of roman roads in the UK.

Final Updates

City of Glass by Paul Auster, adapted for graphic novel by Paul Karasik & David Mazzucchelli.

Spectre (James Bond movie)

The Magicians
The Expanse

Geekly Update Episode 49:02.07.16

cropped-KMUZWebHeader_2015ADavid Duncan, Jason Ramey, Michael Beard, Arlen Robinson & Brian Hart discuss the week in geek in this super-sized three hour show.

Topics Include (short): KMUZ’s Pledge Drive!

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Topics Include (long): Pledge Drive!

Hour 1

Pitch #1:  Pledge $10 and get a Geekly-Update button designed by Jessica Ramey.

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies sparks a discussion of the zombie genre, (Zombie Nation, The Walking Dead, World War Z) and a postulation of literary and zombie mash-ups.  Other tangents and Indiana Jones discussions ensure.

Zombie Pitch #2

28 Weeks Later, Arlen joins the show, Jane’s Got A Gun, 1000 Movies To See Before Jason Dies, Are Westerns Relevant?, a brief discussion of Natalie Portman, Star Wars & George Lucas, Brian Hart lurks online and Scott Pilgrim.

Hour 2

Western Pitch #3

Morricone talk, Cowboy Bebop rumors, Bill & Ted rumors, Karen lurks online on the Geekly-Update Discussion Group, Hail Ceaser, Tommorowland digression.

Science Corner: North Korea launched a satellite, New Planet #9, The Expanse (based on some real science).

Brian Hart delivers Yoga Hosers to Geekly-Update

Coldplay Pitch #4

Conan The Conqueror rumors continue, Anomalisa, Charlie Kaufman films.

Hour 3

Arlen has to leave.

8-Bit Pitch #5

Deadpool, Marvel Movies, where should an R Rated Deadpool sequel go?, are comic book movies too gritty?, DC Comics Movies in general.

“Sexy” Pitch #6

Oscar Nominated Shorts at Salem Cinema

Final Update:

David: Heaven’s Lost Property, Oh My Goddess, Mad Dogs

Michael: Black Mirror.

Jason: The Detectoress, Walking Dead Returns


Incredible Hulk Pitch #7

Geekly Update Episode 48:01.24.16

p183870_b_v8_agJason RameyDavid Duncan, Chris Hahn and Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): the return of The X-Files (premiering January 24th on Fox), as well as some updates on Outer Space, Books, Movies, Games, Comics, and other fun stuff we like these days.

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Topics Include (long):

X-Files is back, and we are excited. We answer some basic questions: How did you get into it? X-Files memories and reflections, thoughts on what we know so far, favorite old Episodes, and a recommendation to check out The X-Files Files Podcast, with an interview featuring David & Gillian on set.

The Weather Computer.

Duncan’s Science Report: Space Mining

Seveneves by Neil Stevenson

The Martian both tie into space mining.

Austin does a review of David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done.”

Tony’s Keep Kingdom of Comics is moving. The Grand re-opening February 6th.

Odds and Sods: Old Man Logan series, Brian Hart is at Sundance, The Fifth Wave is out, Synchronicity

Final Updates:

Legends of Tomorrow
Bone by Jeff Smith

VR Movies (Lawnmower Man, Strange Days, eXistenZ)
Anime (Rurouni Kenshin: Manslayer, The Devil is a Part Timer)
Star Wars: Clone Wars

Batman / Nolan movies
Jessica Jones
Shanara Chronicles
Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Expanse.

The Magicians
Award Movies
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Geekly Update Episode 47:01.17.16

legends-of-tomorrowDavid DuncanMichael Beard and Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short)DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (premiering January 21st on The CW), as well as a number of books, cooking, movies, games and other geeky topics for your enjoyment.

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Topics Include (long):

Rick & Morty game: Pocket Mortys, please Internet correct Austin if he is wrong about Justin Roiland being one of the Rick & Morty creators (he is), Sad Dance Songs.

Recent fallen geek heroes:

David Bowie, live performances, Twin Peaks movie, The Man Who Sold The World, the complete Bowie, the Black Star album & final video, Labyrinth.

Alan Rickman, what an actor, Galaxy Quest, Dogma, Robin Hood, Harry Potter, brainy quotes.

12507676_1068027019914634_590302355727211131_nWe lost a ton of others at the beginning of this year.  Check out the Wikipedia entry for people who have died January, 2016.  You’ll find it very illuminating.  Austin takes a moment to announce his love of Willie Nelson while he is still alive, and a discussion of all the people who are still alive who might pass soon, and then, someone’s at the door.

The weather computer.

Star Wars: Practical effects in the food department.

Cooking Geekery:

Austin recommends going to the library to check out Jim Lahey’s My Bread & Mary Lawrence’s “The Farmer’s Cookbook,” for beginning cooks looking to improve their cooking game.

TV: Legends of Tomorrow show, Colony looks interesting.

Movies coming: Deadpool, Dawn of Justice, X-Men: Apocalypse, Rogue One, Suicide Squad, Dr. Strange, Civil War, Everybody Wants Some, The Nice Guys, new Bourne movie, Ghostbusters.

Book: Star Wars on Trial by David Brin (The People vs George Lucas film, too)

There is now a CCTV producer group on Facebook, and a Whimsy maker space in Silverton.


Geekly Update Episode 46:01.03.16

unknownDavid DuncanArlan Robinson and Austin Rich (over the phone) discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include: things we’re looking forward to in 2016.

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Discussion Topics:

Things to look forward to in 2016

This Census-Taker by China Miéville
The Lost Time Accidents by John Wray
On The Move: A Life by Oliver Sacks
Half Upon A Time series

On Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
On Powers

Powers trades
Star Wars comics
Dan Clowes Patients
Tony’s Kingdom of Comics moved

Dark Souls
Alan Wakes & Quantum Break
Mousegaurde RPG

A Message From The Weather computer

The Incomparable
Current Geek
Merlin Mann in general
We Have Concerns
Welcome To Nightvale (and book)
You Are Not So Smart

Other Tid-Bits
The Free Comic Conventions Project
I Will Make Salem Awesome
Google: Modern Trailer For Empire Strikes Back
Sherlock (Note: I was wrong about how much Sherlock we are going to get. There will be no further episodes until 2017.)
Happy Public Domain Day

Final Picks
Savage Sword of Conan
Hateful Eight
Ash vs. Evil Dead

Geekly Update Episode 45:12.27.15

1917720_10208365031100213_627527717055952339_nBrian Hart, David DuncanJason RameyJessica Ramey, Arlan Robinson and Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include: The 2015 Year In Review for movies, books, games and more.

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Discussion Topics

Movies We Liked:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Martian (Book and Movie)
Mad Max: Fury Road
Me, Earl And The Dying Girl
The End Of The Tour
Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

Movies That Disappointed Us:

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
Fantastic Four
Terminator Genisys
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (which is actually a 2013 movie, whoops)


It Follows
A Girl Walks Home Alone
The Kingsman
Inside / Out

A Message From The Weather Computer


Agents of Shield
Jessica Jones / Daredevil
Dr. Who
Ash vs. The Evil Dead
Flash / Arrow
The Walking Dead
Fear The Walking Dead
I, Zombie


The War of Art (by Steven Pressfield)
Stuff Matters (by Mark Miodownik)
The Center Cannot Hold (by Elyn R. Saks)
Zombified (by Adam Gallardo)
Trust Me I’m Lying (by Ryan Holiday)
Radical Acceptance (by Tara Brock)
Sapians: A Brief History Of Mankind (by Yuval Noah Harari)
How To Fail At Almost Everything A Still Win Big (by Scott Adams)
The Great North Road (by Peter Hamilton)
The Obstacle Is The Way (by Ryan Holiday)
The Old Man & The Sea (by Hemingway)
Usagi Yojimbo (by Stan Sakai)
DC Showcase Presents: The Spectre
Perfecting Sound Forever (by Greg Milner)
All The Light We Cannot See (by Anthony Doerr)
You’re Never Weird On The Internet (by Felicia Day)
The Day Of The Triffids (by John Wyndham)
Count of The Monte Cristo (by Alexandre Dumas)
High Fidelity (by Nick Hornby)
The Long Goodbye (by Raymond Chandler)
The Hunger Games Series
The Walking Dead (Graphic Novels)

Things To Look Forward To:

Batman vs. Superman
Captain America: Civil War
Dr. Strange
Star Wars: Rogue 1
Star Trek: Beyond
Suicide Squad
A Secret Wars Movie (Arlen’s Dream Movie)
King Conan w/ Arnold (Arlen’s Dream Movie)
Marvel’s Zombies (Jason’s Dream Movie)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: New Series
Twin Peaks Show

Geek New Year’s Resolutions:

Brian: More Self Reflection
Duncan: Make Better Radio
Austin: Wants to learn XML
Jessica: Learn more computer animation.
Jason: Wants to read more, watch more Academy Awards nominated movies.

Space News In Review by David Duncan