Todd Yunker, Author joins Geekly Update on June 7

Tune in at 2 pm on June 7 to get the latest update on the books from local Science Fiction author Todd Yunker. He writes The Lost Wonder series, which includes Shackleton’s Folly and Shackleton’s Burden.

Shackleton’s Folly is the first book in the series. “With extinction nearly at hand, Alec Shackleton must unravel the secrets of a legend, and find deliverance for humanity.

Alec’s father taught him that a human tribe, long before their time, had ventured to the stars in search of a new home. That lost tribe is the key to human salvation.

But the galaxy has been ripped apart by feuding factions, including the rancorous Koty horde, led by a traitor to the human race, Wolfgang Gray. He dances to the Koty’s military march.

Alec’s mission to save humanity will have a terrible cost.”

Check out the trailer for this book.

PBOOK002The second book, Shackleton’s Burden:

“The equipment carrier he had in tow, the cradle of hope, Dancer bore the obligation well. It was both the promise and salvation of an entire race of intelligent beings.

Dancer had been rescued from servitude only to find himself in far greater debt than he imagined. His mission, his word given, he owed so much.

Death brought Dancer to this backward world. There was a 5.9862% chance success.

The anguish of Dancer’s tale would cause terrible pain.”


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