Geekly Update Episode 49:02.07.16

cropped-KMUZWebHeader_2015ADavid Duncan, Jason Ramey, Michael Beard, Arlen Robinson & Brian Hart discuss the week in geek in this super-sized three hour show.

Topics Include (short): KMUZ’s Pledge Drive!

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Topics Include (long): Pledge Drive!

Hour 1

Pitch #1:  Pledge $10 and get a Geekly-Update button designed by Jessica Ramey.

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies sparks a discussion of the zombie genre, (Zombie Nation, The Walking Dead, World War Z) and a postulation of literary and zombie mash-ups.  Other tangents and Indiana Jones discussions ensure.

Zombie Pitch #2

28 Weeks Later, Arlen joins the show, Jane’s Got A Gun, 1000 Movies To See Before Jason Dies, Are Westerns Relevant?, a brief discussion of Natalie Portman, Star Wars & George Lucas, Brian Hart lurks online and Scott Pilgrim.

Hour 2

Western Pitch #3

Morricone talk, Cowboy Bebop rumors, Bill & Ted rumors, Karen lurks online on the Geekly-Update Discussion Group, Hail Ceaser, Tommorowland digression.

Science Corner: North Korea launched a satellite, New Planet #9, The Expanse (based on some real science).

Brian Hart delivers Yoga Hosers to Geekly-Update

Coldplay Pitch #4

Conan The Conqueror rumors continue, Anomalisa, Charlie Kaufman films.

Hour 3

Arlen has to leave.

8-Bit Pitch #5

Deadpool, Marvel Movies, where should an R Rated Deadpool sequel go?, are comic book movies too gritty?, DC Comics Movies in general.

“Sexy” Pitch #6

Oscar Nominated Shorts at Salem Cinema

Final Update:

David: Heaven’s Lost Property, Oh My Goddess, Mad Dogs

Michael: Black Mirror.

Jason: The Detectoress, Walking Dead Returns


Incredible Hulk Pitch #7

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