Geekly Update Episode 47:01.17.16

legends-of-tomorrowDavid DuncanMichael Beard and Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short)DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (premiering January 21st on The CW), as well as a number of books, cooking, movies, games and other geeky topics for your enjoyment.

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Topics Include (long):

Rick & Morty game: Pocket Mortys, please Internet correct Austin if he is wrong about Justin Roiland being one of the Rick & Morty creators (he is), Sad Dance Songs.

Recent fallen geek heroes:

David Bowie, live performances, Twin Peaks movie, The Man Who Sold The World, the complete Bowie, the Black Star album & final video, Labyrinth.

Alan Rickman, what an actor, Galaxy Quest, Dogma, Robin Hood, Harry Potter, brainy quotes.

12507676_1068027019914634_590302355727211131_nWe lost a ton of others at the beginning of this year.  Check out the Wikipedia entry for people who have died January, 2016.  You’ll find it very illuminating.  Austin takes a moment to announce his love of Willie Nelson while he is still alive, and a discussion of all the people who are still alive who might pass soon, and then, someone’s at the door.

The weather computer.

Star Wars: Practical effects in the food department.

Cooking Geekery:

Austin recommends going to the library to check out Jim Lahey’s My Bread & Mary Lawrence’s “The Farmer’s Cookbook,” for beginning cooks looking to improve their cooking game.

TV: Legends of Tomorrow show, Colony looks interesting.

Movies coming: Deadpool, Dawn of Justice, X-Men: Apocalypse, Rogue One, Suicide Squad, Dr. Strange, Civil War, Everybody Wants Some, The Nice Guys, new Bourne movie, Ghostbusters.

Book: Star Wars on Trial by David Brin (The People vs George Lucas film, too)

There is now a CCTV producer group on Facebook, and a Whimsy maker space in Silverton.


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