Geekly Update Episode 52:02.28.16

static1.squarespaceDavid Duncan & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): David attends two cons, Austin talks about the virtues of good meta-data, and David discusses shows leaving and arriving on Netflix in March.

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Topics Include (long):

Austin Engineers the show for the first time, with some hilarious results.

On Saturday David participated in a panel discussion at with Casey Ocupe (of the NW Comics Show) on indie media with the folks from The Grim Tidings podcast (all things grimdark) and The Anibros podcast.  We talk about the virtues of Soundcloud, Blubrry and podbean, and David talks about CCTV, and how cable access works.

The week before, David also went to Wizard World, where he saw a talk by William Shatner.  We discuss the “Get A Life,” clip and documentary, Shatner’s Raw Nerve, Leonard Nimoy and missing him, as well as Fringe.  David also saw John Barrowman & Matt Smith.  Austin recommends Shatner’s Has Been album, David seconds that, and Austin suggests tracking down John Barrowman’s interviews on Nerdist.  We also decide the name of this episode is Hitler’s Microphone.

Austin then discusses The Benefits of Good Meta-Data.  Music & Movies need proper labels.  Here’s some thoughts on the subject:

1.) Find a service to help you track down the data that you trust.
2.) Tag the files by hand; most media players on desktops allow you to edit meta-data by hand.
3.) Get picky about what you label, and what you find important.
4.) Genre is a good way to sort your data in larger senses; conventional genres don’t really do much, so create your own.
5.) Years are very valuable pieces of information
6.) Use smart playlists to interact with your media

Well tagged files and smart playlists make for a more immersive and interactive way to use your media, and prevents getting stuck hearing / seeing the same stuff.  Share your smart playlists with us, and tell us how you interact with you media.

We then hear a message from the weather computer, which has apparently by reading Nihilist Memes online.

The website and the podcast feed are current, with new blog posts, too.  We’re excited, and we how you like it to:

We also talk about things coming & going from Netflix in March:


Hearts of War
Masters of The Universe
Men In Black II
Monster Squad
Private Romeo
Ted Talks Season


Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Groundhog Day
He Never Died
Daredevil Season 2
Trailer Park Boys Season 10
Johnny English
Star Trek V
Sin City
Better Call Saul

Final Updates:
The Relay FM Podcast Network, and The Reconcilable Differences show w/ Merlin Mann & John Siracusa

In honor of MiyakoCon, David has been watching Anime:
Seven Deadly Sins

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