Geekly Update Episode 53:03.06.16

12524113_10154589011643272_840422172745185798_nJason Ramey & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Zootopia & other movies that are coming or are here, tips on traveling and using technology to make things easier, and we allow several tangents along the way time to develop and expand.

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Topics Include (long): is updated, and the podcast feed is current.  Thanks Jason & Austin.  Non-breaking spaces are a problem.  Check out the blog posts: one on tagging your metadata, and one on a Saturday Morning cartoon that Jason loves.  Geekly-Update is now multi-media.

Movies: Zootopia (and, go read Animal Farm, it’s great), Austin & Jason talk about what animal they would like to be, Knight of Cups (“Experimental Film” by Homestarrunner & They Might Be Giants), 10 Cloverfield Lane, Ghostbusters

The Weather Computer

Austin’s Tips For Using Maps & Technology

1.) Planning is So Easy
2.) Share your itinerary with your fellow travelers.
3.) Looking at The Map Online allows you to save the map offline
4.) Follow the directions the phone gives you, but use common sense
5.) Use the “explore around you” feature
6.) After your trip, your phones map history is a record of your adventure
7.) Talk to your phone.  It talks to you.

Get comfortable with being lost for a few minutes.  It won’t hurt you, unless you have kids.

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Geekly Reader for March: Black City Saint.  The show on March 27th will be when we discuss it.

Arcwright by Allen Steel is on Jason’s reading list, and Minecraft had a big combat update.

919_10208932536940770_3264061610610369483_nDeadpool causes havok at Tony’s grand re-opening.  When someone cosplaying as Deadpool made neighbors nervous, when the police showed up, they laughed, and got photos with the other cosplayers.  Welcome to your new location, Tony.

Final Updates:


The Children of Tendu podcast

Love & Rockets


Journey to the center of the Earth

Dead of Winter

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