Geekly Update Episode 56:03.27.16

MV5BNTE5NzU3MTYzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTM5NjQxODE@._V1_SX640_SY720_David DuncanJason RameyMichael BeardChris Hahn & Austin Rich discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Batman v. Superman review (with spoilers) & the Black City Saint review.

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Topics Include (long): 

The bulk of the show is dedicated to Batman v Superman, with Spoilers.  (Keep reading at your own risk.)  On the whole, the panel did not like the film.  Unanimously, we loved Wonder Woman, but the character motivations are muddled, lost or confused.  There were too many plot threads, not much humor, and spent more time seeding future storylines that keeping an emotional thread.  Doomsday was too soon, and being so dark sort of takes some of the fun out of it.  The film is poorly edited, poor visual design, and with unused actors, but in spite of the shortcomings, there were some good elements.  There was a good mini Batman film inside this movie, and there was some cool future story seeding.  The backend of the film picks up.  As we segue into the second half of the show, we briefly discuss Zach’s resume.

The Substitute Weather Computer

On the heels of more nerd love for Wonder Woman, we discuss the Justice League: WarFlashpoint DC direct animated films briefly, then return to BvS.  MovieBOB trashed it, and we go into more nit picks about the film.  David caught the 3D version, which looked foreshortened and strange for him.  We get a little overcritical about Darkseid’s Parademons & Flash’s appearance, but largely agree that it isn’t that bad, and is re-watchable if you lower your expectations (or had lower expectations anyway)

To close the show, we discuss the March book club selection, Black City Saint.  (Spoilers ahead.  Read at your own risk.)  A noir urban magician story that is hard to get into, and very repetitive.  Again, there were a couple of nice things: Cortez was cool character, and the book contained some neat concepts.  But compared to The Dresden Files, Black City Saint has a poor setting, unclear character motivations, and could have been set in a fantasy world.  You can almost read the <research> tag</research> around 1920s references.  David recommends that you watch Cast A Deadly Spell and Witch Hunt if you are into these kinds of stories.  Austin recommends picking up a Lovecraft book collection, and The Maltese Falcon & The Big Sleep.  In the end, Black City Saint does not pass The Bechdel Test, contains anachronisms with phones & turns of phrase, and is not exactly recommended by the panel.

Send in your book club recommendations.  Our April selection is Hellboy vol 1.

And now, some Things leaving Netflix: M*A*S*H, The Butcher’s Wife, Craigslist Joe, Eureka, Hotel Rowanda, Starship Troopers, & Lord of War

Final Updates:

Austin: The five free digital comics that came free with his BvS movie ticket, containing comics that “set up” the story in the film.

Michael: Captain America: Civil War

Chris: Fringe Season Three, Arrow Season One, and tonight is the Supergirl / Flash crossover episode.

Jason: Watching The Flash, Documentary Now!, Gray Gardens

David: Craigslist Joe

Next week: First person films.

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