Geekly Update Episode 57:04.03.16

imagesJason RameyBrian Hart & Austin Rich (via the phone from his Island Lair) discuss the week in geek.

Topics Include (short): Hardcore Henry (here’s the trailer) & Pandemic (here’s the trailer), an overview of Interactive Fiction and Video Game influence on books and film, and a follow-up on Batman vs. Superman.

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Topics Include (long): 

Up front we talk about POV Media, with the release of Hardcore Henry.  (Brian: Here’s a cool article on how they shot Hardcore Henry.)  Films like this are jumpy, and a test kitchen for VR films, with a dogma approach.  Pandemic, a worse reviewed film, is yet another attempt to reach the gamer dollar, but as to if you could use POV film in a drama, or if it works better on the big screen or at home remains to be seen.

12923286_924110508246_6411548571911757052_nPOV Media segues into Virtual Reality, a subject that is huge in the film world.  TedXSalem will be discussing it this year, and VR was big at Sundance this year.  The future of VR is probably in travel & education, but we’re still a long ways away.  Brian tracked down a couple of links on the future of VR: Wall Street Journal “Virtual-Reality Movies: Get Ready for the VR Revolution”; CNN “How virtual reality could change moviegoing.”  (Listener Karen: “Re: VR, an article about the future of VR in the field of chemistry just came out in this week’s edition of the major chemistry news journal. Geekly Update is, as usual, on it!!”  To the right is the article in question.  Karen, Again: “Re: VR, again! This time how it could be used in Buddhist meditation.“)

Next up, Austin offers an overview of the history of Interactive Fiction to tie in with POV film.  This is more of a quick overview, but here are some related links for this section of this show: Epistolary Novels, Jorge Luis Borges 1941 (An Examination of the Works of Herbert Quain, Garden of Forking Paths), B.F. Skinner, Oulipo Literary Group, Role Playing Games, Gamebooks, Choose Your Own Adventure, The Official Choose Your Own Adventure WebsiteInteractive Fiction (Zork), Get Lamp DocumentarySierra Entertainment, Sega’s Light Gun in 1975First Person Shooter (Doom & Quake).

Jason discusses his experiences with Mindshadow, and reveals that he first read Choose Your Own Adventure Novels straight through, and was very confused.

Austin suggests that movies like Kingsmen & Guardians of The Galaxy are showing the influence of the video games on film.

Jason asks everyone what story they would like to see in VR:

Austin: The Neverending Story

Brian: Star Wars

Jason: Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

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The Weather Computer gives up a quick update at the bottom of the hour.

The second half of the program offers Part Two of our discussion of Batman v Superman.

Brian liked the film and saw it twice, and the film does have one of the highest multiple viewings rate, and made a ton of money.  (Brian: Here’s the article that talks more about how Batman v Superman is getting a lot more second viewings than most blockbusters.)  Jason liked the Superman story, but had problems with Batman.  Part of the problem stems from Batman being conservative at his heart.  In spite of the shortcomings, Austin liked the film, too.

Wonder Woman was clearly the best part of the film, and all three agreed that we don’t want them to ruin Wonder Woman, or Aquaman.  Brian suggests we take a look at Jason Momoa’s Game of Thrones audition tape.   Jason is still mad about Batman, and Austin implores that the Phantom Editor make a shorter version of BvS, to make the film even better.

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Final Updates:

Brian is watching Daredevil Season 2, and is prepping TedxSalem (on the subject of Revolutions), and is looking for other speakers.

Austin just got a new iPhone SE, and is preparing some words on the subject of getting a new phone.  He also recommends Sound Opinions w/ Greg Kot & Jim DeRogotis on the podcast front, and the Sugarshock! comic book by Joss Whedon.

Jason is looking foward to The Walking Dead Season Finale, and Fear The Walking Dead coming soon.  Also: our April Bookclub Selection is Hellboy Vol. 1, which will be discussed on our May 1st program.  The Book Bin is having an event on April 15th at 7 PM with Matt Ruff, who has a new book out, Lovecraft Country, and to go with it, Jason also recommends The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle.  Lastly, Jason was on a recent episode of Cherry City Punch on CCTV, where he talked about Geekly Update.

Coming up: Cherry City Comicon, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, new photos of Dr. Strange in production, The Killing Joke animated preview, Mark Hamill on Instagram.

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